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Transformation and change CAN be achieved with the right tools and support. We can all learn from each other how best to overcome obstacles, and move forward in a new direction. Change is not easy, and oftentimes it takes a coach to work wth you, to help with your goals,  shift a perspective or reset a direction . You will receive consistency and experience when we work together towards aligning your actions with your goals, while integrating  core values and ethics.




"Lori Souza is consistent and demonstrates a very strong and clear sense of competence and responsibility, as well as the utmost professionalism. She is motivating,  captivating, flexible and reliable."

“A dynamic, creative presence with a refreshing dedication of service to others.  Lori Souza was a powerful catalyst to help accomplish my goals. You'll love her enthusiasm, wisdom and proactive ability to be on the leading edge.”

“Responsive and intelligent. Excellent problem solver.”  

“My experience was polite and professional and willingness to take on a challenge. I was led in the right direction. Definitely  a team player,  helping us through some difficult times " 

Lori Souza, Coach 

"Thank you for visiting my site. Working as an entrepreneur, I understand that with practice,  belief, perseverance, and embracing change, we all have the power to create the life were meant    to live, overcome obstacles and move forward.


By  implementing and applying positive daily practices you can create the life you were meant to live. 

Lori  holds an MBA, Bachelor of Science in Technology , Post Bacc in Education, certified as a life strategies coach and  works as a Trainer and Educator .  With over 35 years experience, Lori works with individuals or organizations in personal and professional development


Valuing education, experience, professionalism, personal and spiritual development. 

See it, Believe it, Acheive it!


I believe in you!